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Kovalam Beaches

Kovalam is nothing but a town along the Kerala shore line, renowned for its unforgettable beaches. When its tremendous beaches were discovered, it suddenly became a popular tourist destination. It seems like Kovalam Beaches are indeed offering a unique experience. The white sand and the blue waters of the Arabian Sea are like a magnet for tourists. The charm of the beaches is enhanced by the coconut groves and the palms. The view created by the combination of sand, water and coconuts seems to be the secret recipe that makes tourists come back every year.

When referring to Kovalam Beaches, there are three distinct areas: the Lighthouse Beach, the Hawa Beach and the Samundra Beach. The first one lies in the southern part of Kovalam and it is also the most popular. The Vizhinzam mosque is clearly visible from here and the Vizhingam Lighthouse is the most important tourist attraction. It creates a romantic and mysterious atmosphere because from time to time it glows in the dark.

Samundra Beach KovalamHawa Beach is located in the middle of the Kovalam Beaches. It is mainly inhabited by fishermen who mainly live from the fishes they catch. Tourist find fascinating to get in contact with local fishermen and to observe their daily routine. The fishes they catch are also of interest for tourists because they transform into tasty dishes.

Samundra Beach is situated in the northern extremity of Kovalam Beaches. It is not as crowded as the Lighthouse Beach it is the perfect place for nature lovers and for tourists interested in a quiet holiday.

The Kovalam Beaches are also renowned for the Kathalaki dances. After lazing the entire day on the sand and after tasting some delicious dishes, tourists are easily caught by the rhythms of these dances. You can spend your entire night dancing and having fun because in the morning, the beautiful landscape and the sea will take care of refilling you with energy. Kovalam Beaches are not only about sun bathing and swimming.

If you are looking for some adventure, you can practice whatever water sports you please. Many people go for surfing or kayaking, while others enjoy more the thrill of angling. There are also fishermen renting their boats, so why don't you go catch your own lunch, if passionate about fishing? Keep in mind that safe waters are marked with green flags, while dangerous waters are signalized with red ones.

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